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Zines on a table at Milwaukee Zine Fest
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We're ready to welcome you (as you are).

Accessibility and inclusivity of all kinds are important to Milwaukee Zine Fest. We do our darndest to welcome all people with diverse abilities and needs. Below are notes on the accessibility of our event.  Please let us know if you have concerns or questions regarding the following (or find a staffer day-of to assist you)!

For detailed/specific information about our festival location (The Milwaukee Central Library), please visit their Accessibility Services site here.

How do I access the building?

Milwaukee Public Library has three main entrances, with different levels of ADA-compliance.

  • The “front” door is located at 814 W. Wisconsin Avenue. It is not ADA compliant: there are 11 steps-up to the entrance. Handrails are present: there is no ramp. The doors are quite large and heavy, pull out toward the street, and have no automatic opener.

  • The official ADA compliant entry is at 813 W. Wells Street (about halfway down the block). It is correctly ramped with a proper-width, automatic door and elevator access. Accessible [metered] parking is located on this block.


  • The third entrance is located at 709 N. 8th Street. While this entrance isn’t officially ADA compliant, it is at street level with a wide, gently sloping ramp on the interior. The door is standard-width and automatic if needed. Accessible [metered] parking is located on this block.

Where is MZF located within the library?

Milwaukee Zine Fest happens on the first and second floor—which is accessible by stairs [with a handrail] plus two elevators: one freight, and one standard-sized. (Library staff will be happy to assist you in finding and accessing one or the other: please feel free to ask.)

For second floor access, use the centrally located stairs at the library’s heart, after you come through security. (If you enter through the front door on Wisconsin, don’t use the stairs in the lobby: they won’t get cha to the right place!) 

Throughout the day various areas and special rooms are also used for activities, panel discussions, and workshops. Please grab a festival guide when you arrive and ask any library staffer or volunteer for help finding your way!


Restrooms at Milwaukee Zine Fest

There are two main sets of ADA-compliant restrooms at Zine Fest. The set on the first floor is gendered with male and female as the only two gender options.


The second floor bathrooms are for all genders for the day of the fest. This will be marked with special signage. **Please note that these bathrooms are usually gendered but MZF has worked with library admin to specifically free them from the gender binary for our event! MZF recognizes that gender is a spectrum.


Please be aware that the second floor restrooms are public facilities and library patrons are used to one being a “men’s” room and one being a “women’s” room. Per our safer space policy we simply ask that everyone in attendance treat one another with respect: that respect extends to the bathrooms. 


American Sign Language Interpretation

Milwaukee Zine Fest proactively welcomes the Deaf Community and works with Milwaukee Public Library’s accessibility department to provide ASL interpreters for our festival workshops. If you need ASL interpretation please let us know within a week of the festival so that we can make arrangements, or contact contact the Library Director's Office at 414-286-3021 for more information.


Other notes regarding access and inclusion:

  • MZF follows the health/COVID guidelines in place at The Milwaukee Central Library. This has obviously varied over the years. Masking, distance, or other requirements will be noted in the information posted for any given fest.

  • The majority of Zine Fest activities and signage are in spoken and written English. We are in the process of building out better Spanish, and Braille support over upcoming years.  We always welcome volunteer translation, transcription and interpretation services: please be in touch!

  • Due to chemical sensitivities we ask that vendors and attendees limit use of strong perfumes, scents and colognes.

  • Legally designated service animals (under the ADA) are welcome at MZF. At this time all other types of support and/or comfort animals are not.

  • Children are more than welcome at MZF: we’re an all ages event and family-friendly for sure! Children should always be supervised by an adult; please be courteous with strollers as space is limited. Note: zine vendors are not required to keep their content PG—we leave parents to make their own judgements regarding what they deem “appropriate” for their children.

  • Lastly, MFZ organizers, vendors and attendees are all expected to follow the overarching code of conduct set forth by Milwaukee Public Library itself. The complete code can be found here.

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