Donate zines to MZF!


MZF has always been a community-supported endeavor. You are not only what drives us, but also our engine! Learn more below about how donating a few zines promotes your work and helps the fest shine year after year.

Milwaukee Zine Fest is now accepting zine donations for upcoming fundraising endeavors. We know not everyone has cold hard cash to give MZF, but many folks have stacks of zines or former projects kickin’ around just waiting to go towards a good cause. Donating zines is a great way to keep Milwaukee Zine Fest a community-supported project, while getting your work out and about ‘round Milwaukee. Here’s how it works:

  1. Donate however many zines you like by filling out the form below (we’ll get back to you with instructions).

  2. MZF will promote you and your work at upcoming events, raffles or online sales, selling your zine for however much you tell us to!

  3. MZF will add you to our online donor database, thank you publicly on social media, and link through to your website/social.

  4. MZF uses every iota of revenue from sales to:

    • Fund our scholarship and fellowship program

    • Invest in new programming focused on diversity & outreach

    • Pay our workshop leaders and buy class supplies

    • Cover other fest-related costs so that it remains FREE to the public, and LOW COST to vendors

  5. You get the warm fuzzies knowing you’re part of an amazing community that self-supports one of the longest standing zine organizations in the Mid West!


Thanks for your interest in donating! Please fill out and submit the following form and you’ll hear from us shortly.

Is the work you're donating your own? *
First things first: we can only accept donated work that you are certain you hold the rights to.
Name *
This is your name as it will appear on our site and at events: it does not need to be your legal name. We want to call you what you want to be called.
What zine are you representing? I.e. maybe you're from "No Good Zines" or "Bearbear" or "Kpolly." Or, is your zine connected to an organization, small press, distro, company, or institution? Let us know so we can market you correctly!
Please tell us how much we should sell your work for: if you are donating multiple things with different price points please be clear: we don't want to mess up!
I would like to be added to a publicly visible list of donors. *
This can be a webpage or social account... or nothing at all!
MZF won't have time to fully review every donated piece so let's have a check in to make sure we can keep our audience safe and happy. (Reminder: our audience includes folks of all ages and backgrounds.) We leave it to zinesters to decide for themselves: do you think your zine needs any kind of content warning? MZF can provide whatever label or note about your work you like. Please explain below.