Getting to mzf


Milwaukee Zine Fest is held at the historic Central Branch of The Milwaukee Public Library at 814 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53233. Please see click here for more info on accessibility.

The festival is held on the second floor of the library, in and around the Krug Rare Books room, which can be seen on a map of the interior here. This area is accessed by the grand, central staircase at the heart of the library, and/or two elevators. Any friendly library staffer can assist you in finding us: feel free to ask!


Public Transit

We specifically hold MZF at the library due to its central location and easy access from most neighborhoods via public transit.

The blocks surrounding the library are serviced by at least 10 different bus lines! Please see Milwaukee County Transit System or your favorite mapping service for directions.

The area is also served by several Bublr Bike stations.


The Public Library does NOT offer free parking, nor does it have a dedicated parking lot. Downtown parking can be limited and hard to find. All parking in the immediate area is metered and limited to a maximum of 2 hours.

MZF highly recommends taking public transit and/or driving to a nearby residential area with unlimited, free parking, and then bussing/walking/wheelin’ the rest of the way. MZF recognizes that the parking situation may be inconvenient for some, but has to balance this with the desire/need for a centrally located, ADA-compliant site that is feasibly reached by many, regardless of car ownership.

We are looking into potential partner-parking options in the area, and/or a community carpool option. If either is possible it will be announced pre-fest on our FB page!

Drop off/Temporary Loading for vendors

Vendors who would like to temporarily park while loading in items have five options:

  1. There are a few 15-minute-only parking spaces on Wisconsin Avenue directly in front of the library’s main entrance. The main entrance is not ADA compliant and involves stairs.

  2. There is an official loading zone at the library’s main rear entrance which is on Wells Street between 8th and 9th. This entrance is ADA compliant: fully ramped and elevator’d!

  3. There is a side entrance on 8th Street at the SE corner of the building that has a “no parking zone” next to it (marked with a sign). This is not an official loading zone and MZF cannot suggest nor endorse disobeying Milwaukee street regulations. We can casually note that folks have pulled up there for a few minutes with their flashers on in the past, no problem.

  4. Further north on 8th Street, near the entrance of Centennial Hall, there is an official loading zone, marked by signage. It is perfectly legal to park here with your flashers on while you unload. Note that the Centennial Hall entrance does NOT connect to the library’s interior. You need to use the entrance at the SE corner of the building.

  5. There is small, official loading zone at the library’s entrance on 9th street about halfway up the block. (There are also many metered spaces along 9th, and one may be open to “stand” in temporarily.)

  • Important note: Please do NOT park in or otherwise block any ADA accessible parking space—even temporarily.