community diversity fellow:
Randy RusselL Brown

Milwaukee Zine Fest proactively invests in diversity and inclusion practices for our main event, as well as associated, year-round programming. Our fellow works collaboratively with the leadership team to broaden MZF’s outreach strategies, focus and improve internal policies, and better engage an evermore diverse community of zine creators and lovers.

meet randy:

Randy Russell Brown is an artist, curator, critic and the director of Genesis—a local contemporary art gallery and incubator. 

As a Milwaukee native, Randy has grown and developed within this ever-changing city and understands the complex dynamics inherent in its creative landscape. In his curatorial practice, Randy seeks to cultivate opportunities for a more open and affirming Milwaukee, and through Genesis he is committed to providing a platform for underrepresented artists and marginalized voices. 

Randy discovered his love for zines and bookmaking while working at The Center for Book & Paper Arts of Chicago, and it was during this time that he grew to understand the value, depth and richness of the medium. No stranger to the event space or DIY community, Randy was a founding member of the Chicago based artist cooperative Autotelic Studios and worked as a producer for the international art exposition EXPO Chicago. Randy is an advocate for diversity at all levels and celebrates the growing multiplicity of visual aesthetics and narratives emergent in Milwaukee's creative communities. 

Randy was born and raised in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood and received his BFA in Studio Art from Columbia College Chicago.