The Bindery has offered collaborative zine and small press education for several years, but as we open our new shop we're excited to expand this ad hoc service into a full publishing program starting in early 2021.

Working with our in-house team, and on site equipment, The Bindery will offer zine, chapbook, and other fine, small-batch book production.  We work with individual writers and artists who want their work showcased in book-form, as well as educational, arts, and social justice organizations.

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We are still currently offering zine services, as-usual while we build out a more robust program.  Need a zine designed or laid out?  Help with printing and binding?  Want to make a collaborative zine with your students or organization--even virtually?  Let us help.


  • Comprehensive digital design and layout help, one-on-one, from the very start.
  • High quality laser printing at a fraction of the cost of a copy shop.
  • Letterpress printed pages and covers using custom metal type we make in-house.
  • Traditional handset metal and wood type in a variety of fonts.
  • Risography for bright, bold, and metallic inks on your page.
  • Hot foil stamping on a wide range of materials in any color under the sun.
  • Folding, finishing and binding with wire, staples, thread or spiral.
  • In-house retail, and area retail partners to get your final work sold.
Reminder: if you're interested in making zines and books yourself, we're really into that too.  The Bindery fully supports the empowering DIY-nature of zines and indy-press publishing. 
That's why we make all of our equipment available to the community as part of our shared space program!  Come join us.
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