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vendor faq for Mzf tablers


Thinking about tabling at mzf? find out answers to common questions below.

(For specific information about accessiblity and inclusivity, we have a whole page dedicated to that here! For MZF’s overarching safer spaces policy, click here. Basic information about time, location, parking and directions are back on the main page.)

How do I sign up to table at mzf?

Registration for the fest happens via our website here in January. The registration link is only active for a short time, though, since space often sells out within a week. Please follow our Facebook page for announcements about upcoming open registration dates.

When you register, you will be asked for some information about yourself and your zine, and will also be asked to agree to our safer spaces policy. (If you do not agree, you won’t be able to complete the process.)

Lastly you will be asked to pay securely via either PayPal or Stripe in order to confirm your spot. You’ll receive a receipt/confirmation and: ta-da! You’re set to join us! Stay tuned for email communication from the MZF Zine Team as the fest nears regarding details.

Can I register and/or pay any other way?

At this time, no: all MZF registrants must use our online form. Someone may fill it out on your behalf, and/or pay for you: no problem. MZF zinesters who are familiar with past festivals may recall being able to pay in cash, in person. Please note that this is no longer an option. If you have a specific need or circumstance regarding registration or payment, please reach out to us: we can try to work to accommodate you

How much does tabling cost?

Registration is the same price for everyone: $15 per spot.

What counts as a “spot?” — well, two things (both of which are the same price). We provide 8ft tables and 6ft tables, as space allows. Each zine vendor gets one half of a table and chairs as needed.

This means you are either getting 4ft of linear space, or 3ft. MZF prices them the same knowing that some zinester’s items take up a lot of room due to their size, quantity or bulkiness—while others need hardly any space at all. (Aka someone with many zines, books and shirts vs. someone with just a few editions of one zine.)

We ask our community to look out for one another by selecting the option that’s best for you, knowing that 4ft slots are limited. If you really don’t need that extra foot of space, please leave it for someone who does! Your fellow vendors will thank you!

Can I register twice/for more than one spot?

No.* In order to keep our fest as diverse and accessible as possible with limited space, we ask that each registrant stick to just one half-table of space.

* If you are a large distro representing multiple vendors please contact us in advance of registration to discuss. Full table pricing for a limited number of distributors may be possible.

CAN more than one vendor share a half table?

Absolutely. MZF recognizes that some zinesters may only have a zine or two to sell. Feel free to partner up with a buddy and share your spot with someone else. Please just let us know in your registration notes so that we can market everyone properly!

are there hidden fees or commissions I should know about?

Nope. $15 means $15. MZF pays for your registration processing fees (b/c we like ya already) and we don’t take any commission on sales at the fest. Your work is your own: your profits are your own.

is there a policy on what i’m allowed to sell at mzf?

“Allowed” is a strong word—but we do ask that every vendor focus on zine-specific sales. At least 70% of your offerings should be zines or zine-related. (You can read more about what we mean by “zine” and why we have this policy here.)

Otherwise MZF does not censor materials or content as long as it is in keeping with our safer spaces policy.

can i get a refund if i don’t end up attending (or for any other reason)?

Due to the limited nature of our space, and the fact that we always sell out, we ask that all vendors make a serious commitment to attend. Registration fees are used in advance to support the fest, its programming, marketing, workshop materials, and scholarships—that’s money we can’t get back once it’s spent on making the fest fabulous for ya!

We therefore cannot offer refunds if you do not attend (or for any other reason). MZF recognizes, of course, that life is far from perfect and emergencies do occur. Please reach out if extreme circumstances apply.

How many visitors attend Milwaukee zine fest?

Good question. Because MZF happens at the library, which is open to the public for regular hours, it’s hard to know exactly. But we estimate that between 300 and 400 guests pop in throughout the day. Plan accordingly!