The Bindery will open in 2021 as a shared community center for writers, book artists, printers, and other related creative fields.  We provide a flexible array of space and pricing options including coworking, private studios, and open makerspace.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently adjusting how and when to offer membership and rentals in order to keep our community safe--while also providing the creative space you need. 

Check out what we'll be offering below with details

to follow in spring.

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We look forward to seeing you soon.

Private writer studio rendering

Writers' Studios

Cozy and quiet, our six private studios will soon be available to rent monthly.  (A seventh allows for hourly rental at lower cost). 

Studios are accessible 24/7, have separate ventilation, and contain custom built-ins designed to keep you organized and focused.

Members with studios also have full access to the entire coworking space and benefits.

Interested?  We're already accepting studio inquires: space is limited.  Please contact us for more information.

Coworking for creatives space rendering

Creative Coworking

Our community coworking space is geared toward writers and literary workers of all kinds including those in industries that support them: editors, publishers, designers, educators, etc.

The space is accessible via a tiered monthly membership commitment with a range of flexible pricing.  Members receive free wifi, a printing allowance, meeting room and retail access, plus discounted programming and local coffee on the house!

Interested?  We're already accepting inquires: Please contact us for more information.

Community print shop
Shared Makerspace

We share our bindery and equipment with the community by offering membership to (and rental of) our fully equipped space.

The Bookworks Studio offers bookbinding and hot foil tools and equipment.  The Pressroom is a letterpress, Risograph, and laser printing facility.  The Foundry is set up with machines to make custom type for printing or foiling.  

All will be available for member use. 

Details will be posted soon.

Interested?  We're already accepting inquires: Please contact us for more information.

Community print shop and bidnery

Collective Retail

The Bindery is home to a retail area designed to sell a variety of work produced and written by our members.

Membership in any of the above programs involves access to our in-house store to sell your books, prints, broadsides, zines, etc. on a commission basis with The Bindery.

Partner sellers welcome as well: please reach out to discuss.

Interested?  We're already accepting inquires: Please contact us for more information.

Shared book store and print shop
Coworking kitchen
Specialty Space

Need to host an event, program, class, or just a small meeting with your staff?  We've got you covered.

The Bindery will offer evening and weekend hours for events including kitchenette access, as well as a rentable classroom, and meeting room with digital projection technology included.

We're wrapping up renovations (and focused on health safety for now) but please reach out regarding future nees.

Contact us for more information.


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