The bindery

Tying Together Arts & Letters in Milwaukee

The Bindery is a historic, community workspace
that unites book and literary artisans through shared access to the tools, resources and knowledge they need to flourish.

Written, printed, and book arts have gone hand and hand for centuries, and Milwaukee’s landscape of literary and bibliophilic masterminds has been noted as vast, diverse, nimble—yet still somewhat segmented. 

Where do writers gather daily to work beyond the walls of their own home or coffee shops? Where do they mingle with storytellers or collaborate with literary educators?  Where do poets run innovative courses with skilled book artisans, while lead type is cast and pages are sewn on midcentury machinery?  How are letters-based heritage arts passed along to the next generation in a publicly accessible setting?

The Bindery will be the answer to each of the above and more: all under one roof in a community-centric environment that preserves and reimagines a local, 4th generation family bindery business.   The need, interest, and diverse audience already exist—now is the time to embrace the opportunity for Milwaukee to step further into the age of creative innovation by establishing a shared hub: a writer and makerspace for this growing segment of its arts community.

Join us in building The Bindery together: come to our initial meeting, find us on FB and/or add yourself to our mailing list.

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