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At The Bindery, we believe the interior of a book is just as important as the outside. We work with clients to properly design the look and feel of their book from tile page through colophon.

Our expert team is here to help authors and artisans craft books that showcase their work best with 100% customized outcomes: inside and out.


See our options below for varying project needs and review our FAQ for more details.

Contact us to get started:

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Beautiful books,
inside and out.

You've worked hard on your content...but now it's stuck in Microsoft Word, as a folder of photos, or as a literal notebook of poems.

Let's get your work into professional book format.

Stacks of laid out poetry chapbooks
Poetry chapbook interior layout and design being showcased in an open book
Someone prepping stacks of papers to be bound into books.
A designed and laid-out book open to a poem and decorative endsheet


Layout and design are both critical components in making your content shine. Good book design often goes unnoticed--and that's the point! We want your readers to be focused on your work and move through your pages effortlessly. 

"Layout" refers to the format and structure of each page and your entire book as a whole. This includes a deep dive into things like margins, gutter, spacing, text alignment, page number position, and overall gridding. 

"Design" is more granular and personal. This is where we work with you on font choices, color palate, and distinctive elements like ornamentation, running heads, chapter titles, and artful front & back matter (that's things like your title page and colophon).

Our team is here to work with you, collaboratively and one-on-one, to get everything right. We're as passionate about your book as you are.


Text-only books laid out in one of our pre-made design options at common industry sizes.

Starting at:


For chapbooks, novels, anthologies, theses, & other simple, text-heavy work.

  • Dedicated project manager and white glove service.

  • Professional design with three core aesthetic options to chose from.

  • Print-ready files delivered, set to industry standards.


100% personalized design for text and up to 20 images. Custom sizing available.

Starting at:


Fully custom layouts & nuanced design for poetry, prose, genealogies, and more.

  • Dedicated designer, project manager, and white glove service.

  • Custom page layouts, fonts, typesetting and graphics.

  • Formatting for text and images at any size book for any binding style.

  • 2-phase collaborative review to get things just right.

  • Print-ready files delivered, set to industry standards.


For high-end projects with text, imagery, and complex design considerations.

Starting at:


Ideal for photo & other art books, lookbooks, architectural portfolios and other deluxe work.

  • Dedicated designer, project manager, and white glove service.

  • Dynamic page layouts, specialty fonts, typesetting and graphics.

  • Formatting for text and images at any size book for any binding style.

  • Advanced design options for art and images including full bleed, masking, and text overlays. 

  • Ongoing collaborative review to get things just right.

  • Print-ready files delivered, set to industry standards.

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For experienced designers who'd like to do their own layout... but to our shop's specific standards for production, we provide two options.

Template & Review

Professionally built out templates for your use in Adobe InDesign or a PDF underlay in any software

Starting at:


Includes one round of expert review of your final piece to ensure file correctness.

  • Templates available in the most common industry sizes for zines, paperbacks, novels, and coffee table books.

  • Proper margins and gutters built in to account for differing binding style needs (sewn vs. wire vs. softcover, etc.)

  • Proper bleeds set for full, edge to edge printing of photographs and graphics.

  • Adobe InDesign file set up for correct working colorspace and other critical print settings.

  • Final file review and 30 minute follow up call or Zoom with our team to suggest overarching changes. 

General Guides

Helpful guidance to start. Good for better understanding of terminology and layout variations.

We've got you:


Free downloadable guides with some basics to know before working with us.

Some helpful terms to know and recognize when speaking with our team.

Layout needs vary depending on how your final project is bound together.

Folded items like zines and books with signatures require special page ordering.

If you're sending us files, please check on the following to do so correctly.


Let's face it:
books are judged
by their covers.

We'll make yours

Starting at

Your cover serves many purposes: to draw readers in, to communicate your content, and to convey essential information on both the front and back.

The Bindery partners with our in-house team at Salmon Design Co. to craft beautiful, eye-catching covers and dust jackets that mesh perfectly with your book's interior design.

Cover design may include a number of elements depending on the complexity of the project. We're happy to provide:

  • Illustration and drawn elements

  • Graphic design for backgrounds and ornaments

  • Image editing and color correction

  • Typesetting, font, and aesthetic guidance 

  • ISBN and barcode placement

  • What is your space like? Can I come by for a tour?
    Our coworking area is 2,000 square feet of naturally lit, open workspace with various seating options. Large tables allow for spreading out and collaboration while small tables invite privacy. A sofa and soft seating welcome a more casual approach to work. Our kitchen offers a full size fridge and microwave--both at the ready for your lunchtime needs. Coffee and tea are available all day. We're here to be comfortable, low-key, and productive. The coworking space also shares a glass wall with The Bindery's actual working print shop and old school book factory/repair center. It's a fascinating [yet quiet and unassuming] chance to glimpse something unique during your workday. The building was recently gut-renovated and contains new technology for air filtration, security, and comfort. Single-unit, all-gender bathrooms offer affirming privacy and, of course, ADA compliance. You're welcome to pop by to see the space and ask questions, but please give us a ring first to make sure a staff member is available to assist you. 414-482-3630.
  • What hours are you open for dropping in? Do I up?
    Please be sure to sign up to work on our calendar. We're typically open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm but occasionally we host private events during the day and are temporarily closed for drop-in hours. We don't want you showing up and finding us closed! Once you're on the calendar you can shop up any time you like throughout the day, and come and go as you please until closing time at 6. When you first arrive, please find a staffer or ring the front bell. We'll give you the wifi password, answer any questions, and you're set to go!
  • Do I need to be "creative" or an "artist" to cowork at The Bindery?
    Absolutely not! We're a creative space for sure, but consider ourselves a "non-traditional office environment." Just like you don't need to be a coffee expert to enjoy working at a cafe, you don't need to know a thing about book arts to work at The Bindery. Our coworkers come from all backgrounds and work in the space on all sorts of things from IT and marketing to design and editing. What folks tend to have in common is that they are looking for a non-standard, creative-leaning work environment that they are unable to find in a typical "office space." Essentially, if you look at our website and think, wow, that looks like the space for me--then it is! Come on by and join us.
  • A ten day pass is a great deal! How do I buy one?
    Ten day passes are $100 (so just $10 per day instead of $15)! To purchase one for yourself or as a gift, please call The Bindery at 414-482-3630 so that we can set one up for you. Passes expire after six months of creation so just be sure to use your days before they're gone! If you're giving a pass as a gift and want to set the start date a little later on [so that the recipient gets their full 6 months-worth], please let us know at the time of purchase.
  • Do you offer private offices or studio space?
    Yes! We have a limited number of cozy, private office-studios that are available on a rolling, three-month basis. These spaces are furnished with custom built-in storage and desk space that is are ideal for individuals doing quiet, "non-messy" work like writing, editing, graphic design, admin, etc. These spaces each have a separately keyed locking door and 24-7 access to the entire coworking area including the kitchen, and meeting room. Studio pricing starts at $375/mo (with a three month commitment). Please reach out if you'd like to see one in person!
  • Can someone visit me during my workday? What about a client?
    Yes, of course: we welcome visitors! If your friend wants to pop by with lunch for you, or a client needs to have a quick meeting--no problem at all. We just ask that you don't abuse this privilege: anyone coming by for more than a few minutes, or to just sit and work alongside you on their own thing, should buy their own drop-in pass for the day. Our team is happy to hook them up with one!
  • How do I reserve a room or equipment in the space?
    Our main offerings are managed with easy online booking that allows coworkers to book work days, walk-up printing, and time in our bindery makerspace. This means you always know you have what you need reserved. For other private bookings including our meeting room, please reach out to our team at or 414-482-3630 to get on the schedule.
  • What are the legal terms and conditions of coworking?
    The Bindery is a community space and everyone's safety and comfort is important to us (including our own as a business and team)! The attached document contains all the "legalese" regarding space use at The Bindery. By coworking here you are agreeing to these terms. The long, fussy fine print is essentially clarifying these key points: We're here to be your colleagues and resource provider (not your landlord). You're an adult in charge of yourself: act with kindness and do your dishes. You can't do anything illegal while working in the space. Make sure your own insurance covers your items in the space: ours does not. The Bindery and its partners cannot be held liable for harm or damages: coworkers are responsible for their own safety and responsible use of the space. We are a hate-speech free zone and provide equal space and services to the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities (along with other marginalized folks). We keep your information private and confidential. We want you to be happy working with us: ask for help whenever you like! Please find the full terms and conditions here:
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