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The Bindery provides regular public access to the professional equipment, tools and know-how needed to make stellar work on your own.

We support the DIY culture of zine making, letterpress printing, and other empowering projects done on paper and crafted by hand.

After a quick orientation, our shop becomes yours, with daily booking at your fingertips!


Ready to get printing, binding, and creating? Our shop is here for you daily. Just schedule below.

Orientation is required for newcomers. Please be sure to review the details before booking.

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Everything you
need to make a zine,
chapbook, artist print, comic... and more!

STEP 1: Quick orientation.

STEP 2: Easily schedule time whenever you like online.

STEP 3: Take lessons with our team if you need extra help along the way.

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Self-Service Laser Printing

Cheaper than a copy shop...and higher quality!

Walk-up access to our high resolution Xerox C9060 laser printer/copier (and scanner). This versatile machine is a dream for making everything from simple zines and chapbooks to eye-popping artist prints.

  • Sheet sizes up to 13"x26"
  • Paper weights up to thick cardstock (129#)
  • Simple envelope printing
  • Standard copy paper included
  • Bring the paper of your dreams!
$5 for 2 hours​
Lowest per-print charges around.

 $0.07 BW / $0.15 COLOR

Initial orientation required

Ideal for print-ready projects set to go. Laser printing is crisp, clean, and a touch shiny for extra luster. It plays well on textured paper, transparencies, envelopes, and cardstock.

Bindery Makerspace

For crafting books, zines, and more!

Our private and flexible space accommodates various book arts needs. With hand tools and speciality machinery provided, we welcome the community daily. Easy scheduling online for individuals: please reach out for groups.

  • Electric paper folder and wire stitcher
  • Paper drill and spiral binding punch
  • Jacques board shear
  • Cast iron nipping press
  • Cutting mats and hand tools
  • Collection of vintage typewriters
$20 for 2 hours
All tools & equipment included


Expert orientation

(Free but required)

Ideal for folks with prior knowledge, or continuing with their own work after taking one of our classes! Great for large runs of zines, poetry chapbooks... or book/print adjacent work such as collage, illustration, calligraphy and typewriting!

Letterpress Print Shop

Guided Shop Sessions and Open Studio

Guided shop time is for newcomers to letterpress with a project in mind. These 1:1 sessions go over the process together in a private lesson. Once familiar and comfortable, students are granted access to open studio time to come work on new projects of their own.

  • Lessons with an expert instructor.
  • Vandercook SP-15 access
  • Vandercook No. 4 access
  • Historic wood and metal type
  • Studio ink, supplies & tools
Guided Shop Time: $250 / 3 hours
Letterpress Open Studio: $20 / hour

Ongoing lessons available

Contact us to learn more

Ideal for those with simple projects in mind like a wood type poster or prints from a plate. You bring the design and paper you love: we're here to help. Already familiar with letterpress? Great: reach out to "test out" of guided time.

Private Lessons with our Expert Team

Bookbinding, repair, printing, marbling... etc!

Want to make something but don't know how? That's ok: we do! The Bindery is an education center, not just a work space. Our team helps folks accomplish projects with set goals (or gets you started on the right path).

  • Personalized 1:1 instruction
  • Evenings and weekends available
  • Use of professional tools & equipment
  • Makerspace access for "homework"
Starting at $75 / hr
(Plus necessary materials)

Limited availability

Contact us to learn more

Ideal for short term projects with set goals (roughly 2 to 10 hours). Fix a specific book; print 100 posters, make a run of chapbooks. We're here to help guide you.
Private lessons

*Looking for Risograph Access?
The Riso program in the building is provided by our colleagues, bearbear.

Check out their Riso Open Studio page for all the details!

  • What is your space like? Can I come by for a tour?
    Our coworking area is 2,000 square feet of naturally lit, open workspace with various seating options. Large tables allow for spreading out and collaboration while small tables invite privacy. A sofa and soft seating welcome a more casual approach to work. Our kitchen offers a full size fridge and microwave--both at the ready for your lunchtime needs. Coffee and tea are available all day. We're here to be comfortable, low-key, and productive. The coworking space also shares a glass wall with The Bindery's actual working print shop and old school book factory/repair center. It's a fascinating [yet quiet and unassuming] chance to glimpse something unique during your workday. The building was recently gut-renovated and contains new technology for air filtration, security, and comfort. Single-unit, all-gender bathrooms offer affirming privacy and, of course, ADA compliance. You're welcome to pop by to see the space and ask questions, but please give us a ring first to make sure a staff member is available to assist you. 414-482-3630.
  • What hours are you open for dropping in? Do I up?
    Please be sure to sign up to work on our calendar. We're typically open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm but occasionally we host private events during the day and are temporarily closed for drop-in hours. We don't want you showing up and finding us closed! Once you're on the calendar you can shop up any time you like throughout the day, and come and go as you please until closing time at 6. When you first arrive, please find a staffer or ring the front bell. We'll give you the wifi password, answer any questions, and you're set to go!
  • Do I need to be "creative" or an "artist" to cowork at The Bindery?
    Absolutely not! We're a creative space for sure, but consider ourselves a "non-traditional office environment." Just like you don't need to be a coffee expert to enjoy working at a cafe, you don't need to know a thing about book arts to work at The Bindery. Our coworkers come from all backgrounds and work in the space on all sorts of things from IT and marketing to design and editing. What folks tend to have in common is that they are looking for a non-standard, creative-leaning work environment that they are unable to find in a typical "office space." Essentially, if you look at our website and think, wow, that looks like the space for me--then it is! Come on by and join us.
  • A ten day pass is a great deal! How do I buy one?
    Ten day passes are $100 (so just $10 per day instead of $15)! To purchase one for yourself or as a gift, please call The Bindery at 414-482-3630 so that we can set one up for you. Passes expire after six months of creation so just be sure to use your days before they're gone! If you're giving a pass as a gift and want to set the start date a little later on [so that the recipient gets their full 6 months-worth], please let us know at the time of purchase.
  • Do you offer private offices or studio space?
    Yes! We have a limited number of cozy, private office-studios that are available on a rolling, three-month basis. These spaces are furnished with custom built-in storage and desk space that is are ideal for individuals doing quiet, "non-messy" work like writing, editing, graphic design, admin, etc. These spaces each have a separately keyed locking door and 24-7 access to the entire coworking area including the kitchen, and meeting room. Studio pricing starts at $375/mo (with a three month commitment). Please reach out if you'd like to see one in person!
  • Can someone visit me during my workday? What about a client?
    Yes, of course: we welcome visitors! If your friend wants to pop by with lunch for you, or a client needs to have a quick meeting--no problem at all. We just ask that you don't abuse this privilege: anyone coming by for more than a few minutes, or to just sit and work alongside you on their own thing, should buy their own drop-in pass for the day. Our team is happy to hook them up with one!
  • How do I reserve a room or equipment in the space?
    Our main offerings are managed with easy online booking that allows coworkers to book work days, walk-up printing, and time in our bindery makerspace. This means you always know you have what you need reserved. For other private bookings including our meeting room, please reach out to our team at or 414-482-3630 to get on the schedule.
  • What are the legal terms and conditions of coworking?
    The Bindery is a community space and everyone's safety and comfort is important to us (including our own as a business and team)! The attached document contains all the "legalese" regarding space use at The Bindery. By coworking here you are agreeing to these terms. The long, fussy fine print is essentially clarifying these key points: We're here to be your colleagues and resource provider (not your landlord). You're an adult in charge of yourself: act with kindness and do your dishes. You can't do anything illegal while working in the space. Make sure your own insurance covers your items in the space: ours does not. The Bindery and its partners cannot be held liable for harm or damages: coworkers are responsible for their own safety and responsible use of the space. We are a hate-speech free zone and provide equal space and services to the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities (along with other marginalized folks). We keep your information private and confidential. We want you to be happy working with us: ask for help whenever you like! Please find the full terms and conditions here:
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