rare and antique books waiting to be rebound and repaired by our bookbinder
book stack 1 white.png
Book repair in process
Final book repair with spine preserved
New bookbinding with custom slipcase
Rebound book of Mother Goose nursery rhymes
Fairy Tale book in need of rebinding and repair
Final repair of a Fairy Tale book

We specialize in custom book repair and rebinding of all types, from family heirlooms and rare volumes, to religious, legal, and educational texts.  Pages loose or spine detached?  Covers gone or ruined?  No problem: we can fix them all, or offer a fresh new rebind.  All repairs are done in-house and by hand, right here in our Bay View neighborhood bindery using 100 year-old equipment and painstaking attention to detail.

Our service focuses on your vision for your book.

Each repair starts with a free consultation

to make sure we get it right.

In addition to repair, The Bindery also offers speciality archival boxes, slipcases, and slipcovers to protect your precious volumes or unbound documents.  We custom build each item per your specifications and need.

Please contact us to discuss your project and arrange a time to bring your book in for a quote.  Each project is unique and is priced as such.  We are keen to balance customer budget with project goals, and offer a range of materials and options.  Keep in mind that bookbinding can be a lengthy process: plan for several weeks of lead time. 

New pages in signatures ready for bookbinding
Book getting newly sewn during bookbinding
A newly rebound book in leather and marbled paper
Bookbinding tools
Various forms of bookbinding

The Bindery can help create new hard and softcover books from scratch using various traditional methods and materials.  We specialize in custom journals and other blank books for writing and various arts practices.

As a small shop we produce limited runs of speciality artist books, and high quality custom requests, ideal for gifts and special occasions.  Click here if you're looking for info on our small press publishing options including zines, chapbooks, and other printed matter.

Dream up your book: we'll make it happen.

We also do industrial, commercial, and library binding for archiving printed materials such as historic records and regularly produced periodicals.  Spiral, wire, comb, and machine sewn are all options.

All new bindings can be custom built with creative finishing, however you like: rounded corners, deckled edges, gold leafing, marbled/decorative endsheets, hand printed labels, ribbon bookmarks, interior pockets, etc!  We take on limited projects a year so please contact us to discuss your needs well in advance.

Top handle of a Ludlow Typograph machine
Ludlow cast type in slugs for letterpress printing
Ludlow Machine brass typographic matrices
Front of a Ludlow Typograph machine
Ludlow cast type for letterpress printing
Ludlow Typograph machine cabinet (much like a letterpress cabinet)
Ludlow cast type in slugs for letterpress printing
Ludlow cast type in slug for letterpress printing along with a Ludlow composing stick and brass mats

The Bindery houses The Foundry, our in-house type-making studio.  We use our suite of historic Ludlow equipment to make custom metal type from scratch for traditional letterpress printing and hot foiling processes on paper, fabric, and leather.

As the most complete public Ludlow foundry in the Midwest, we offer dozens of fonts and sizes, all conveniently cast in 22.5 pica lines on .918"-high slugs (both 12 and 6pt bodies available).  The Foundry is equipped to typeset and cast lines from 6 to 96pt fonts for your next project, with no minimums on lines.  Need just one?  No problem.  Need a whole poem or page?  We do that too.  All fonts over 60pt go through our Ludlow super-surfacer for a perfect finish.

Tangible typography cast with our

century-old equipment.

Beyond individuals, we also work with print shops and university programs nation-wide to supply a traditional, non-polymer option for students and tight budgets.  Flat rate shipping available across the US.

Slugs are cast twice a week: please contact us to discuss your needs in advance.  (Or, if you want to learn to make slugs yourself, check out our upcoming workshop opportunities.)

Ludlow Typograph machine cast type used for foil stamping The Fairy Tale Book
The Fairy Tale Book final gold stamping along its spine
Our staff setting up the Kensol hot foil stamping machine
Gold foil stamping on the spine of Mother Goose Book
Ludlow cast type in a slug for stamping that says The Bindery
Gold foil stamped gray paper bookmarks that say The Bindery

Using traditional hand methods, The Bindery offers hot foil stamping services in a range of colors--or without foil for a blind deboss (a textured impression without color).  We work with clients to custom make metal type in-house and then use our 100-year old machinery to heat the typography and stamp impressions on paper, cloth, leather and other suitable materials.  We offer color and faux metal foil finishes, as well as real gold and silver leaf for extra special projects.

Add custom sparkle and shine to your next

book, journal, broadside, bookmark... etc!

We're happy to customize both old and new books with names, dates, and important information: bring in anything you'd like customized and we'll take a look to be sure stamping is a good option. Please contact us to discuss your needs in advance.