Writer? Editor? Author? Bookmaker? Zinester? Poet? Storyteller? Avid romance novel reader?

Welcome: we'd love to have you join us.



After opening, we will offer a range of flexible membership options including: 

- Private writers' studios with 24/7 access

- Flexible studio space shared with other residents

- Monthly access to book arts equipment & tools

- Monthly access to our large, shared community space (in a range of prices and "shapes" for all budgets)

All our memberships include the opportunity to sell your work in our retail area, the option to reserve classroom, event, or meeting space, discounts on Bindery classes, and all the free wifi, coffee and collaboration you can handle.

** Please stay tuned for membership structure and pricing. We're [excitedly] putting it all together including special perks for being a founding member.

While you wait, follow us on social media, and join our mailing list via the homepage for instant access to news of our big launch.